Our Team

It starts at the top. PLC’s owners are senior piping designers with fabrication backgrounds. This unique combination leads to a piping system design that not only can be fabricated easily, but with minimal fit-up issues in the field. Some call it designing for manufacturability, we call it experience and attention to detail.

We use our many years of designing mechanical and piping systems to your benefit. We are constantly keeping our eyes on the latest technologies being used in industry and communicate our knowledge to our clients.

PLC employs a high caliber force of talented engineers and designers. Our senior designers all come from a fabrication background, so they know what works in the field. They can visualize their designs and make recommendations to clients based on their experience. Our construction packages are written with the mechanical contractor in mind, with drawings showing pipe cut lengths and pipe end preparations for easy calculations of material and labor.

We work in small teams. All our work is checked before being released to the client for their approval. We communicate frequently with our clients, either face to face, via teleconference or an internet meeting source like GoTo Meeting. Communication is cheap project insurance.



3D Scanning and Design